Greetings! This is a part of my digital portfolio to showcase some my projects in detail. My views on architecture and design are under construction, it is better if I can document them as I keep going forward.

Some of my ideas can’t be expressed in a pdf, for they are not static and so is not architecture. I believe a successful design needs to have a soul with an underlying philosophy. This is where things start to become interesting.


Associate Member, IAB

“Sometimes I wonder if he himself understands what he is and the full extent of his abilities.”

– Khondoker Md. Mobinur Rahman

Architect and Ex-Assistant Professor, AIUB


Academic Projects

My academic projects can be sorted chronologically or grade-wise but I have always tried instill a philosophy.

Professional Projects

All images and drawings have been published with the permission of their rightful owner.

other projects

My mind is at rest when I am learning something, All these years I tried to learn other art forms too such as flip book making…